This 8-week series of 2-hour workshops guides students in developing their own burlesque routines. Through the course, each individual will learn how to create an interesting striptease that is unique to their experiences. Plus the opportunity for rehearsals and peer reviews. 


Students who take the entire collection of classes will be offered a spot to perform their routines in a live showcase.


A 90-minute lecture and discussion workshop exploring the key elements of a strong emcee both on and off stage.


Learn how to talk to producers as well as performers. Also take the tools you need to gauge an audience and find your voice. Plus a chance to apply your newfound skills to help you become a sought after host in the world of burlesque and beyond.


This series of workshops introduces students (all gender and identities welcomed) to the basic principles of creating a dynamic burlesque routine.


Through creative storytelling and clothing removal techniques, students will be able to develop their own burlesque routine from scratch. They will also be able to perform their individual acts in a live showcase at the end of the eight-week course. A definite confidence booster.


You read that right – ASSELS, as in tassels for your ass! Give your shoulder shimmies (and boobies) a break, and learn to put your booty to work!


Each class is 90 minutes and will get you twirling butt tassels before you know it. Add a little extra tease to your next routine or just learn a new trick! Tito has taught this course all over the country including private online sessions. 


For private coaching rates or act review sessions contact here for more information.