is a web-series directed, edited, and starring Tito Bonito. It chronicles his burlesque career and travels after the move from Chicago to Los Angeles in late 2012. The goal of the show is to entertain, educate, & enlight its audience as it explores Tito's quest for continuous self improvement through liberating artistic expression. In this journey, he makes numerous of his dreams come true. 

Season One (2013) follows the first year of Tito's relocation including live gigs across California, Las Vegas and internationally from Canada to Mexico. After the season was premiered, Tito uploaded "Mini Missile" short clips that gave an extended look.

Season 3 Patreon Pitch Trailer / Edited by Tito Bonito

Season Two (2014) focused on a full year of Tito's career. Episodes were longer this time around and featured shows across the country including California, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and all the way down to Key West, Florida. There is also an iconic episode where Tito meets his childhood idols, R&B group TLCThe YouTube channel even garnered noticed from LA Weekly who named Tito one of their People of 2016 because of it.


Season Three (2020) A limited series of episodes showcasing some of the productions Tito was handling before the pandemic.  The Pansy Craze Peepshow at Redline in Downtown LA, an all-male burlesque revue at Faultline, and a pop up show with Tribe Tuesdays at The Falls Lounge in DTLA.