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Fake-court-TV jail for the dangerously brilliant development exec who thought to give RuPaul’s Drag Race fire-starter and all-around legendary drag queen Willam his own Judge Judy–style court show.


The show is from the producers behind the Cock Destroyers series Slag Wars, so you know it’s the utmost quality AAA-grade trash, and it premieres Monday, August 23, 2021 on OutTV’s Apple TV+ channel.

Sex Life (2019)

A voyeuristic EPIX channel original documentary series about titillating sexual and erotic experiences. Episode 2 invites the viewers to an erotic dinner, a glamorous burlesque show, and a three way with a surprising partner.


The burlesque segment features NY performer Chris Harder and Los Angeles performers Mosh and Tito Bonito.



A web series pilot about the intertwining of two separate lives. The show stars Johan Khalilian and Michelle Lukes. 


Tito plays Johan's best friend JACK who just wants the best for his single and desperate friend. Valery Ortiz and Emrhys Cooper also star in this romantic comedy. The web series premiered at the San Francisco Latino Film Festival in September 2018. 

NBC's 1ST LOOK (2018)

NBC's late night show (airing after Saturday Night Live1st Look featured Tito giving host Johnny Bananas a complete boylesque transformation. Johnny went through a quick schooling over the art of the striptease, he was also given a fierce makeover by Silverlake IcoTony Soto.  

The newly dubbed Havana Banana took to the stage for the very first time.

LOOKIN' (2018)

This music video is the first single from rapper Big Dipper's album Late Bloomer. 

The body positive clip includes bears and cubs of all shapes and colors involved in one sexy car wash. Tito is  featured as a backup dancer as well as twirling his assels. 


jingle all the gay 

In the tradition of Homo For The Holidays, "The World's Show-busiest Couple", Kitten 'N Lou have cooked up the most deliciously queer and delectably extravagant holiday confection Seattle has ever seen! Featuring the biggest all-star cast yet of both familiar and new faces, guaranteed to make even the most stubborn yuletides gay! 



Kitten N’ Lou bring you a “brilliantly deranged” spectacle (TimeOut NY) that takes you to the campiest of summer camps, featuring an all-star cast of Seattle dance, drag, and burlesque icons. In the grand tradition of classic and awesomely awful American summer camp movies, CAMPTACULAR takes you on a surreal, hilarious, and nostalgic trip to the great outdoors.


  • Show Boys with Chris Harder (2023)


  • The Pastie Tapes with Siomai Moore (2021)


  • Private Parts / Reality Bytes (2021 & 2018)

Listen (2021):

Listen (2018):

  • Werque with Luis Xtravaganza & Kim Blackwell (2020)


  • Hey Gurl with Jordan Jayro (2019)


  • The Tony Soto Show (2015-2022) / Multiple Episodes


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